SMSCHIKATI bulk SMSYou can launch your own branded SMS Reseller website like ours!

Some Star Features:


Extra Admin Features:

1.Send SMS to all members.
2.Specify number of free SMS units for new members, e.g. each new member gets 3 free SMS.
3.Specify how many SMS units are regarded as low SMS.
4.Alert member by SMS and email when credit is below your specified level.
5.Specify Captcha type (local captcha or Google recaptcha)
6.Create/edit Welcome SMS message for new members.
7.Create/edit SMS to send to members when their SMS orders have been approved.
8.Create/edit SMS to send to members when their credit is below your specified level.
9.Create/edit SMS to send to members when they place an order.
10.Create/edit SMS to send to administrator when members place order.

11.Create/edit Welcome Email.
12.Create/edit Email to send to members when orders have been approved.
13.Create/edit Email to send to members when their credit is below your specified level.
14.Create/edit Email to send when members place an order.
15.Create/edit SMS Sender ID for automatic notification SMS sent to members.
16.Create/edit Email Sender's Email Address for email messages automatically sent to members.
17.Create/edit Subject for approval email.
18.Create/edit Subject for low credit email.
19.Create/edit Subject for new member email.
20.Create/edit Subject for new order email.
21.Set/change SMS API Gateway URL to any provider.
22.Create/edit selling price per SMS unit for different quantity of SMS purchases.
23.Specify county codes that use more that 1 SMS unit per text message.
24.Set/edit currency symbol.
25.Set/edit number of records to display per page on member and admin pages.
26.You'll get your own SMS API to give to your own customers and resellers.
27.You'll get SMS Cron URL for scheduled SMS (If you want to add your own Cron job for scheduled SMS).
28.You'll get SMS HTML desktop Application for use on desktop, mobile or on web pages.
29.Export all phone numbers that have ever received SMS from your portal and your resellers in one click.
30.Export the phone numbers of all members in one click.
31.Export all phone numbers in member phonebooks in one click.
32.Admin view of all address book records and groups.
33.Admin view of all SMS messages sent by members, resellers or through API.
34.Admin view of all transactions for viewing, approval, cancelling or deletion.
35.Automatically credits member SMS account upon approval of SMS request transaction.
36.Automatically SMS and email to member upon approval of SMS request transaction.
37.View, edit and delete any member account.
38.Manually reduce/increase any member account SMS units.
39.Registration cannot be repeated for registered phone number/email address.
40.Free i60 Contact Us form with Captcha.
41.Free GSM number generator.


You get your own feature-rich branded SMS website with admin access, which allows you to manage your users, create sender ID’s, add SMS credits to your users account and much more.

What Your Members Enjoy:

 Set-up duration takes a maximum of three working days.

Please note that we accept only bank deposit, MTN Mobile Money. Once your payment is confirmed in less than a minute and you get credited immediately. This is a promotional offer.